Senior Voices Project

The Senior Voices Project addresses the challenging issues of HIV and ageing. The project educates aged care providers and their staff on the needs of senior people living with HIV; it will also build and strengthen the resilience of senior people living with HIV.

We have recruited a team of committed and passionate HIV Positive speakers (50 years and older) from across the Victorian community. The speakers are provided professional training and support to give them the skills to be highly articulate speakers. Through their narratives they break down stereotypes, challenge the myths that still surround HIV, ensure the inclusion and increase the visibility of older people living with HIV.

A comprehensive handbook on caring for people living with HIV in home based and aged care facilities provides expert guidance to people who are seeking information on the requirements to deliver best practice care. A series of simple fact sheets accompany the handbook to deliver information in practical ways to carers and care workers. The handbook is also useful for a person living with HIV to understand their rights as a person requiring care with a legal, policy and complaint process section.

The presentations by our speakers are at no cost. The Project’s funding from the Commonwealth Government’s Department of Health and Social Services provides honorariums to the speakers and travel costs.

The Project is currently recruiting more speakers. Please contact the Senior Voices Project Coordinator – see below.

To book a speaker: Fill in the online booking form in the link below or contact Living Positive Victoria for further information on 03 9863 8733

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Positive Caring

In 2013, Living Positive Victoria received a grant from the then-Department of Health and Aging under its Aged Care Service Improvement and Healthy Ageing Grants Fund.

The Positive Caring Handbook is a resource developed as a joint project of Living Positive Victoria and the Royal District Nursing Service Limited (RDNS). Since 1985, RDNS has provided care and support to PLHIV, their carers, partners, friends, and families.

The handbook was developed from Positive Caring: a guide for carers of People living with HIV/AIDS (2004), written by RDNS. Key elements of the original manual have been revised and updated with permission of RDNS and new sections have been developed. The handbook also draws from many years of experience of Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS) HIV specialist nurses. RDNS, through its HIV Nursing Program, provides home nursing, care, support, and health promotion to PLHIV in metropolitan Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula, in partnership with the Victorian AIDS Council (VAC). This handbook draws directly on the experiences of PLHIV, through Living Positive Victoria and partner organisations.

People living with HIV, their family and friends, care workers, volunteers and health professionals all contributed to the development of this handbook. Some of those people include Living Positive Victoria staff from the Senior Voices Project and Positive Speakers Bureau; Dr. Elizabeth Crock, Royal District Nursing Service HIV Program and Hilary Knack, a Victorian lawyer with over 10 years’ experience in HIV health promotion.

The Handbook

Positive Caring was written to provide information and resources for older people living with HIV (PLHIV) and their care team. This may include carers, care workers, health professionals, and family and friends. The handbook was developed to be comprehensive, its information applicable in any setting where older PLHIV require care, from their home to residential care facilities.

The handbook aims to answer common questions frequently asked by people caring PLHIV, and to provide clear and practical information. It is divided into two parts:

Part I discusses the biological and medical aspects of HIV, with a focus and the practical aspects of caring for PLHIV;

Part II covers the rights and responsibilities of PLHIV, their carers, health workers, and service providers.

You can download a copy of the handbook here

This handbook is copyright of Living Positive Victoria and the Royal District Nursing Service Limited. It may be reprinted and distributed in its entirety for non–commercial purposes without prior permission.

Fact Sheets

Adapted from the Positive Caring Handbook we have created 12 easy to read fact sheets. The fact sheets provide a one page summary of issues you may encounter while either living with HIV, caring for someone living with HIV or sharing information with others to reduce stigma for people living with HIV. The fact sheets topics have been derived from the Positive Caring Handbook, if you would like more information refer to the chapter in the handbook.