Phoenix is a weekend workshop for individuals who have been recently diagnosed with HIV. The workshop provides a safe, confidential and supportive environment to learn strategies for managing and making sense of HIV.

The workshop provides an opportunity to:

  • Meet other people living with HIV
  • Explore issues around disclosure, negotiating sex and relationships
  • Find out how to maintain your sexual health
  • Learn about how to access HIV services and organisations
  • Latest HIV treatment information
  • Have your questions answered by HIV specialists
  • Talk about your experience with HIV
  • Start planning for the future

Feedback from participants:

“It was fantastic. So much great information and support from the facilitators and speakers”

“What a confidence booster”

“Before doing the workshop I felt so alone. Now I feel so much more confident to deal with the challenges that lie ahead”

“Over the last few months I have just wanted the world to stop for a minute. But after this weekend I’m ready to join the universe again. This is the first time I’ve met others with HIV that I know of anyway”

"It was nice and great to meet others and listen to the stories and guidance. Anxious, yes I was. A little bit more Confident now, yes I am. Looking upon a better future, yes I will try as it is a learning path. Thank to you all of you again."

“I feel so much better after having attended the phoenix workshop. I didn’t think I would get much out of a workshop, It’s not my sort of thing but I trusted my social worker and I’m so glad I went. When I saw her on Monday she thought I looked like a different person. So much more relaxed. It was just so good to talk to someone. I was nervous walking through the door but I felt very safe once I was there. Vic was great as he was so open about his story. I really can’t thank him enough. It’s the first time I’ve really thought deeply about stigma. At this point I think I’m really dealing with the self stigma. I’m not ready to deal with the stigma from others yet but the workshop has really helped with how I feel. The two guest speakers were great. Judith was fabulous and the doctor really put me at ease. He looked more like a hipster than a doctor which made him easier to talk to. Thank you so much for running the phoenix workshop. You’re doing a great job.”

"It was a great week end and I had fears like you guys - Facilitators were Fab & Excellent. You get info, guidance, share stories and thoughts. It was really good to be with others and great people. I recommend the workshop. Get in contact with the team."

"I survived Phoenix! For all curious I highly recommend going, it was a great experience, the facilitators were all amazing, and the group was very warm and open and I even made some friends."

"So pre Phoenix as you all have read, I was anxious about going primarily because it was daunting having to accept that I have HIV, I was diagnosed just over six months ago and the voice in my head said 'you're fine and don't need to go', but I am so glad that I did, having the weekend to focus on how I felt was so therapeutic and cathartic as well as all the greys in terms of information are now clarified."

Please contact Vic Perri on 03 9863 8733 or for more information or to make a booking.