Living Positive Victoria (People Living with HIV/AIDS Victoria) is committed to attracting and recruiting the best possible candidates for vacant positions. Living Positive Victoria is further committed to providing equality in employment for all people employed or seeking employment. People living with HIV are especially encouraged to apply for roles with Living Positive Victoria in addition to youth, women, and people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Living Positive Victoria is committed to ensuring that fair and effective procedures and processes are implemented and adhered to for selection and deployment of people to meet organisational needs.

All recruitment and selection procedures and decisions will reflect Living Positive Victoria’s commitment to providing equal opportunity by assessing all potential candidates according to their skills, knowledge, qualifications and capabilities. Regard will not be given to factors such as age, gender, marital status, sexuality, race, religion, physical impairment or political opinions.

Living Positive Victoria has adopted equal opportunity and affirmative action employment policies.

For more information, visit The Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission website

See also http://www.livingpositivevictoria.org.au/living-with-HIV/returning-or-looking-for-work 

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