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Join us for the 2016 International AIDS Candlelight Memorial 29-Apr-2016

The 33rd International AIDS Candlelight Memorial, co-ordinated worldwide by the Global Network of People Living with H..

Invite to PLHIV in the Loddon-Mallee area22-Apr-2016

Are you living with HIV in the rural/regional area of Loddon-Mallee? We want to talk to you! Living Positive Victoria and VACountry want to h..

HIV cure in the media - how to sort fact from fiction15-Apr-2016

In partnership with Alfred Health and The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, Living Positive Victoria has written a short article..

Open letter to Hero Condoms06-Apr-2016

On 3 April, HERO Condoms launched a marketing campaign matching Tinder users with fake sexually transmitted infection (STI) profiles in an effort ..

Join us for a panel discussion on the film 'Desert Migration'04-Apr-2016

As part of the Bendigo Queer Film Festival, Living Positive Victoria and VACountry have teamed up to present a forum to discuss the changing ..

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