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Mitchell Payne travels to the US to ride for HIV/AIDS 07-May-2015

POZ 100’s Mitchell Payne (pictured below) is participating in the 850km AIDS/Lifecycle ride ( for seven days f..

International AIDS Candlelight Memorial 2015 'Supporting the future'01-May-2015

The International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is a free and accessible community led event that takes place each year to raise awareness about HIV a..

HIV and the family ‘Where everything begins’28-Apr-2015

"Best Poslink ever! I received my Poslink yesterday, but sat down this morning and read it cover-to-cover. I was moved to tears by many of the sto..

To Tell or Not to tell? Disclosing HIV to Children – a forum for HIV positive parents16-Apr-2015

Disclosure is defined as the act of making new or secret information known. Disclosure between adults is complex, but for parents, considerations ..

Victorian Government Announcement to Repeal 19A14-Apr-2015

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 14 APRIL 2015 - Today’s announcement by the Victorian Government to introduce legislatio..

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