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To Tell or Not to tell? Disclosing HIV to Children – a forum for HIV positive parents16-Apr-2015

Disclosure is defined as the act of making new or secret information known. Disclosure between adults is complex, but for parents, considerations ..

Victorian Government Announcement to Repeal 19A14-Apr-2015

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 14 APRIL 2015 - Today’s announcement by the Victorian Government to introduce legislatio..

New HIV drug approved by TGA: Triumeq01-Apr-2015

From today (April 1 2015) the new HIV antiviral medication Triumeq® (dolutegravir 50mg / abacavir 600mg / lamivudine 300mg) will be available ..

PrEP a guide for HIV positive people23-Mar-2015

There is growing community awareness about PrEP (Pre Exposure Prophalyxis) as a highly effective biomedical HIV prevention tool. There are cu..

PrEP Proactive Responsible Empowered Pleasure20-Mar-2015

Pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP is the use of existing HIV antiretroviral medication to prevent HIV transmission and is the latest HIV preve..

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